30 Day Guarantee

The post-treatment follow-up visit appointment is scheduled and adhered to (5-7) days after the treatment. Severe lice cases may require (3-5) days after treatment. Every person living with the treated individual is checked by Away Lice Removal Specialists and must be treated is positive for head lice. The preventative guidelines are followed on an ongoing basis. The evidence of the existence of head lice is brought to Away Lice Removal Specialists for analysis. At home or self-treatments are not guaranteed, this includes, jump-start.

Post-treatment follow-up visit appointment is designed to determine re-exposure and decrease re-infestation.

If follow-up appointments are not schedule or not adhered to, and a client needs to be retreated. Clients will be charged the full treatment fee.


Our Philosophy: Our clients are FAMILY. Lice happens, and we work will every client to ensure, educate, and prevent any lice re-infestation. Our goal is to make you happy and keep you LICE FREE.