3 Most Common Prescriptions for Head Lice
Prescriptions for Head Lice: ***Infestation Level and hair length can increase or decrease treatment use and price.

Prescriptions for Head Lice: ***Infestation Level and hair length can increase or decrease treatment use and price.

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3-Step Lice Removal For Beginners By: Away Lice Removal Specialists

The Emotional Steps of Lice

1st, We panic

2nd, We feel ashamed

Then, we feel nasty

While all of these emotions and feelings are normal, they can make us desperate. Desperate for any product we can get our hands on. Many over-the-counter products can leave the scalp burned and cause hair loss.

Today, we remove the panic, shame, and nasty thoughts about head lice. With time and patience head lice can be a thing of the past for your family.

3-Step Lice Removal For Beginners

Step 1: Wash the hair or dampen the hair. While a head check can be done with dry hair, we don’t recommend lice removal be done on dry hair.

Step 2: Part the hair in four sections. Each part should be approximately 1 to 2 inches to the left of the middle point. Start with a straight part from top to bottom and another part from left to right.

Step 3: Comb. Comb. Comb. You need a good lice comb. The Terminator Nit Free Comb is used by most lice professionals. You have options, look on Amazon. Stay away from plastic combs, typically, the metal combs are best.

Other Helpful tips: Use a peppermint based conditioner while combing, keep some paper towels or a water bowl near by, and have entertainment available for your child.

Step 3 will need to be repeated for about two weeks to ensure you have removed everything. Again, time and patience is EVERYTHING.

Away Lice Removal Specialists

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Can YOU afford Lice Treatments?

Yes, you can!

big house.png

Lice Removal Salons were a well-kept secret. It was thought as a “luxury” service. Today, if you Google lice salons, lice removal, or lice treatment near me, you are sure to find a lice salon in your area. If not, you can always find a mobile lice salon that will come to you.

Parents have figured out that many other lice options are just not successful. They don’t provide the results they claim to deliver and they don’t get the personal attention they deserve. Today’s parent wants to be educated, reassured, respected, and get results.

No matter what lice option you choose, make sure you get results. Do what’s in the best interest of your family. We have listed some certified lice salons that either have a store front or mobile near you.

For a certified lice professional in your area click here.

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Do you have LONG hair and LICE?

I Have Long HAIR!

And, I’m Lice Free….

Q: Will cutting my hair get rid of lice?

A: Remember, lice us the hair as a way to travel. They are interested in your blood and stay very close to the scalp. Cutting or shaving the hair does not guarantee a lice free head. Thank you for your question.

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Thank you!

Super Bowl LIII 2019 @ Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta
15480348641598 superbowl.png

On Sunday, February 03, 2019 SUPER BOWL LIII: Los Angeles RAMS vs NEW ENGLAND Patriots

If you have the pleasure of attending the game, here’s what you need to know.

Road Closures:

Mitchell Street will be closed from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to Elliot Street from January 21 - February 7.

Northside Drive will be closed from Ivan Allen Jr Blvd to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive from evening of February 2- February 4.

Streets around Fox Theater will also be affected, Saturday before the game in anticipation of the NFL Award Ceremony.

The City of Atlanta will post details of its traffic plan www.atlsuperbowl53.com.


The City of Atlanta anticipates over 150,000 visitors and strongly suggest the use of MARTA. MARTA has scheduling available for those attending.

What You Can Bring Into The Stadium:

Clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags, cannot exceed 12”x 6”x 12” or 1 gallon clear plastic freezer bag. Small clutch bags 4.5” x 6.5”, with or without a handle or strap, can be taken into the stadium with one of the clear plastic bag options.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Bag Policy.

Food and Beverages:

It looks like Mercedes-Benz Stadium will cut priced by 12% on fan favorites

  • ATL Burger $ 8

  • West Nest Free Range Fried Chicken Sandwich $10

  • Cheese Fries $5

  • ATL Italian Sausage $7

  • Chili Cheese Fries $ 9

  • Shock Top Bratwurst $8

    Food & Beverage Menu

Atlanta Police:

Expected to have high safety coverage with over 180 officers working the streets. Click here to learn more.

Have Fun! May the BEST team WIN.

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New Year's Eve 2018: The Count Down Is On! Georgia's Peach Drop & New York Ball Drop


Good Bye 2018 & Hello 2019


Georgians are anticipating the PEACH DROP. Here are some things to consider:

  • The New Location: Underground

  • Free Admissions: Doors open @ 6pm and music will start at 7pm

  • Performances By: Jagged Edge and 112

  • Roads Close @ 3pm: Peachtree Street, Marietta Street, and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

  • Weather: Looks Like Rain Is In The Forecast

  • Atlanta Police : Will Be Searching Bags

  • Travel: We Suggest Marta

New York’s BALL DROP

  • Location: TIMES SQUARE

  • Weather: Looks Like Rain In The Forecast With Temperatures @ 42 degrees

  • Security Will Be Increased: All Bags Searched such as: Large Bags, Knapsacks, and Umbrellas

  • The Sphere has 192 new WaterFord Crystals

  • No Port-A-Potties

  • Road Closures Include: S to 38th Street, N to 59th Street. NYPD Has Listed All Road Closures

Happy New Year To EVERYONE! Away Lice Would Like To Wish You A Safe, Prosperous, and Blessed New Year.

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One of the most frequent questions we get from our clients:

What is the responsibility of the school for head lice?

We often explain that each county is different. Head lice are contagious. Whether from people in the same household, schools, camps or day cares. Here are the different policies your school may have.

“ No nit” policies require a child to be free of nits before they can return to schools.

“Live Bug Only” policy, students found to have live head lice are excluded from school and not allowed to return until they are lice-free. Students are typically re-examined in 14 days to confirm that they have remained lice-free.

“Live and Let Live” policy, no child is sent home for lice or nits. If a child has lice in his or her hair, the nurse contacts parents, but sends the child back to the classroom for the rest of the day(or may not contact parents, depending on the school).

Georgia Department of Public Health (Head Lice Manual)

Want to know your schools policy, click the links below.

Georgia Counties Schools

Cobb, Douglas, Gordon, Paulding,and Fulton either have a transparent policy or have a head lice fact sheet. Some schools don’t share their policy


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Hurricane Michael 2018: Tallahassee, Florida, and Southeast

We are praying for those in the path of Hurricane Michael. CNN reports that hurricane Michael has demolished Florida homes. Tallahassee families have over 11,000 without power and hurricane Michael leaves Florida beach in ruins with 2 killed. According to Fox 5 Micheal is now a tropical storm and moving towards South Carolina.

We pray that these families find shelter, strength, and support during these times. During these times we stand together and strong.


Hurricane Michael 2018

“ Serving our community ONE head at a time”

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Columbus Day Parade 2018: Columbus Day

NYC, Pittsburgh, and Norwalk, CT are some of the cities having a Columbus day parade.



Observed by banks, bond market, Post office, and other federal agencies. This day it to celebrate Christopher Columbus arrival in America in 1492.

Happy Columbus Day!

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“ You can’t JUDGE Until your KID has LICE”. Credit (Scary Mommy 2018)

While this video is very funny, many parents feel this same way. To be honest, when you tell a friend you PROTECT your child from getting lice AGAIN. Tell your friend who’s your LICE guy. lol

“ Laugh”

Funny Video

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Fortnite Season 6 Pass : ARE your kids playing?

Fortnite is the most popular game of the year. All the kids are talking about it. Its available on XBox, Playstation, and other gaming consoles.

Now until Dec 6 Fortnite has released the Season 6 Battle Pass. Here


The holidays are quickly approaching. Will Fortnite be on your Christmas List?

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KIDS HAIR Styles, Trends, and MORE...

2018 TOP rated kids hairstyles: These hairstyles express personality and style. EXPRESS YOURSELF :)

If you like our choices, leave a comment.

  1. Side and Forward Swept (Boys) Picture credit ( Mrkidshaircuts @ Source: Source: Szaboimreszalonok 2018)


2. The Mohawk : They all want a mohawk. Picture credit Source: NewHaircuts


3. Side-braid: Who doesn’t love a side-braid


4. Braids to back: Any type of hair


5. Messy Bun: Boys, Girls, and MOM’s


Thank you for checking out our 5 choices for 2018 hairstyles. See you soon!

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Female Adult Louse: "gonopods" The itch

The rear portion of the female abdomen ends in two protrusion, or “GONOPODS”, which form a V-shape the width of a human hair. The gonopods are supportive structures that enable the female to clamp the hair shafts while laying eggs.

The rear portion of the male  exoskeleton is rounded and tilts upward, with the anal and sexual organs located on the louse’s back. This arrangement enable the male louse to crawl beneath the female for the purpose of copulation.     www.awaylice.com           531 Hardee Street Dallas GA 30132       info@awaylice.com

The rear portion of the male exoskeleton is rounded and tilts upward, with the anal and sexual organs located on the louse’s back. This arrangement enable the male louse to crawl beneath the female for the purpose of copulation.

www.awaylice.com 531 Hardee Street Dallas GA 30132 info@awaylice.com

Captain Marvel Official Trailer: What makes HER a HERO

We love Women, Women, and more WOMEN!

So exciting!

We are HERO’S in our community too.

Join us at Paulding Meadows @ Earl Duncan Halloween Trick or Treat Village and see how we represent ALL the WOMEN super hero”s

Samuel L Jackson “ So… You’re not from around here”