One of the most frequent questions we get from our clients:

What is the responsibility of the school for head lice?

We often explain that each county is different. Head lice are contagious. Whether from people in the same household, schools, camps or day cares. Here are the different policies your school may have.

“ No nit” policies require a child to be free of nits before they can return to schools.

“Live Bug Only” policy, students found to have live head lice are excluded from school and not allowed to return until they are lice-free. Students are typically re-examined in 14 days to confirm that they have remained lice-free.

“Live and Let Live” policy, no child is sent home for lice or nits. If a child has lice in his or her hair, the nurse contacts parents, but sends the child back to the classroom for the rest of the day(or may not contact parents, depending on the school).

Georgia Department of Public Health (Head Lice Manual)

Want to know your schools policy, click the links below.

Georgia Counties Schools

Cobb, Douglas, Gordon, Paulding,and Fulton either have a transparent policy or have a head lice fact sheet. Some schools don’t share their policy


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