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What the LICE professional REALLY wants to say!

                                                 LOL….. We can’t say that OR can we

by Away Lice Removal Specialists on September 12


First, your not dirty and neither is your child. To be honest, we are most likely in the nit picking business because we have had lice ourselves or been exposed to lice. Second, stop telling your child to keep this a secret. LOL… they won’t. Let’s be honest, you have already talked to your mother, sister, brother, and best friend about this experience, and your child has heard your phone conversations. They want to tell someone too. Don’t make it traumatizing by keeping them from having a voice. Third, people with lice don’t look a certain way. Stop saying “ They don’t look like they have lice”. Lice doesn’t care about your economic status, your house size, your account, or even who you are. They want your blood. Finally, be a friend and tell a friend. If your child has told others about their infestation and a family or child decides not to talk to your child again. GREAT! One less birthday party to attend.. Just kidding, but seriously. Let’s teach our children that TRUE friends don’t stop talking to us because of LICE. They get treated. Lice is as common as a bad cold, it’s not a terminal illness. For more information on lice contact us at .



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