To: Our Away Lice Family we THANK YOU!

Everyday, our clients remind us of why we do what we do.

Typically, a client with a severe case of head lice feels ashamed, defeated, or less than. We can tell in their body language and conversation.

We love it when our clients, run to us during a follow-up and says “ I was able to sleep”, “ My hair feels so soft”, “ You changed my life”. See, LICE is bigger than just an annoying pesticide. Lice can carry feelings, emotions, and self-esteem.


We can never thank you enough for choosing us. We could never thank you enough for the JOY your SMILES bring. Thank you for allowing us to serve our purpose with you. We love you guys.

P.S: Keep that hair up, :)

From: Away Lice Removal Specialists

“Serving our community ONE head at a time”