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3-Step Lice Removal For Beginners By: Away Lice Removal Specialists

The Emotional Steps of Lice

1st, We panic

2nd, We feel ashamed

Then, we feel nasty

While all of these emotions and feelings are normal, they can make us desperate. Desperate for any product we can get our hands on. Many over-the-counter products can leave the scalp burned and cause hair loss.

Today, we remove the panic, shame, and nasty thoughts about head lice. With time and patience head lice can be a thing of the past for your family.

3-Step Lice Removal For Beginners

Step 1: Wash the hair or dampen the hair. While a head check can be done with dry hair, we don’t recommend lice removal be done on dry hair.

Step 2: Part the hair in four sections. Each part should be approximately 1 to 2 inches to the left of the middle point. Start with a straight part from top to bottom and another part from left to right.

Step 3: Comb. Comb. Comb. You need a good lice comb. The Terminator Nit Free Comb is used by most lice professionals. You have options, look on Amazon. Stay away from plastic combs, typically, the metal combs are best.

Other Helpful tips: Use a peppermint based conditioner while combing, keep some paper towels or a water bowl near by, and have entertainment available for your child.

Step 3 will need to be repeated for about two weeks to ensure you have removed everything. Again, time and patience is EVERYTHING.

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