Only Children Get Head Lice?

Adults and babies can get lice, too. Although schools, camps, day care centers are often blamed for head lice outbreaks, it is the family unit that maintains cases leading to outbreaks.

We have used Over-The-Counter, why is it not working?

Having head lice is not a serious medical condition unless it is not taken care of properly. Over-the-counter medications like treatment shampoo, such as RID and NIX, can be more serious than head lice because they contain pesticides. Unfortunately, they do not rid every life cycle of lice. Please read the warning labels.

When can my child return to school?

We do not follow the idea that we are killing lice, we remove lice, physically from the head. Allowing your child to return to school, camp, daycare the same day. Please be a friend and tell a friend, to stop the spread of lice. Most likely your child’s circle has been exposed to head lice and they should be notified.


can my cat or dog get lice

Head lice only effects humans. So your four legged family is safe.


African Americans can get head lice. Head lice do not care about the texture of your hair, they are after your blood.

Can I get head lice from a coach, chair, desk, and furniture?

MAYBE, their is a 2% chance that you get head lice from an object. Head lice are spread by head-to-head contact, and lice do not fly or jump, just sitting next to a person with head lice will not necessarily cause you to get it.

My mother treated my head lice with gasoline so i can treat my child’s head lice the same way?

In the past, people used to treat lice with kerosene. Now we know there are much better and safer methods available. However, some people remember their parents or grandparents treating head lice with gasoline, so they do what their parents did without realizing the harmful risks.