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Head Check

15 mins

Know for sure whether or not you or your child has lice. A Head Check is a comprehensive comb through using a professional nit comb and strand-by-strand check of the hair. Head checks are approximately 15-20 mins. Evidence is always shown.



1.5 - 2.5 hours

Complete lice and nit removal with follow-up appointments included. We use an all natural pesticide-free, safe successful method of lice removal. Treatment times vary based on severity. 100% Guaranteed and ALL hair types and lengths are welcomed.


Schools, Childcare, and Camps


Group Screening

$3 per person
(min of 100)

We offer group services to schools, childcare, and camps. Screenings are typically a quick comb through with a professional comb to identify lice quickly.


Head Lice Educational Seminar

30 mins

School nurses, teachers, childcare staff, and camp staff all benefit from our FREE educational seminar are in person. Serving our community ONE head at a time. The more education you staff has the closer you are to a lice free facility. Call today to schedule a FREE educational seminar.